by Dusty Hughes

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Alice Gilmore Well, I really love so many, but since I was forced to pick only one "favorite track"... Favorite track: Rain Down.
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released November 5, 2013



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Dusty Hughes Colorado

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Track Name: Everything
Out of the water
I see your face, you took my place
Reaching to save me
The priceless cure I'm searching for

Burning through ashes
Vital signs open my mind
Out through the darkness
I finally see the beautiful
Bright light of day

You are the one that I call
Cause I need someone stronger than me
You are the one that I trust
While the world turns to dust on my knees
You are everything

Broken surrender
The war that waged from the warn yellow page
My desperation
Calling to you, follow me through

Too many times
I gave up the fight, it took all my might
Till you spoke
And the world stood still and I fell
Down on my face
Track Name: Rain Down
How long it's been coming well I just couldn't say
All of the reasons I've been feeling this way
I'm finding are never enough to make me stay

There was something that You said about
Something in the water
The days are getting long and
My heart is getting harder, so
Rain down on me, I need You to
Rain down on me

I never intended to get lost like this
Where every chance was just another I miss
I'm finding it hard sometimes to do more than exist
Track Name: Doxology
Somewhere across the waters
I see the daylight coming on
In a flash I see you waiting
I take a breath and you are gone

And I stare through it all
As the sky starts to fall
I feel your warm embrace
Through all the things I could not face alone
And all the promises made
Watch the stars as they fade
I hold you close and wait
As you begin to wipe my tears away

As the wind would try to shake me
I feel it cutting to my soul
The rain would wash away the reason
Until the sun would make me whole

Holding out hope
Hoping that all I am
Is all you want me to be
Searching for signs
Waiting for time well spent
To make this all worthwhile
Track Name: Faith
All my insides fall to pieces
Just lay low and let go
I'm learning how to trust a hand
That guides me while I see nothing

Take away myself until there's nothing else
That's why it's called faith
Dry my weary eyes until I realize that
That's why it's called faith

I must admit I'm in the dark
And I cry, and that's why
You hold my broken heart tonight
My life stands in Your hands again

Try to hold me up, the water drags me down
Try to make me see as I start to drown
Help me learn to trust, help me learn to fly
Track Name: Feel
I've been away too long to see
What it's coming to
I open up my eyes to see
But only fear consumes

Vision clears I slowly see
You reaching out your hand to me

And I feel that I can breathe
I feel that I can see
Beyond this world of hate
I see, I see an open door
That's never been before
Where all the pain can wait

I've wasted so much precious time
Trying to find a cure
When all along you've been right here
Waiting for me to see you
Track Name: Space
Tongue-tied, I've been down this road before
But it always left me wanting more
Never learning truth from yours or mine

And I've been waiting all of my whole life
Never finding rhyme or reason why
Waiting for my only chance to shine

Then it all came clear to me
In a one-in-a-million kind of place
All that I've dreamed of face-to-face
You've got me floating out in space

All alone I could never find my way
Blinded by the darkest light of day
Held down by the shackled on my feet

And I believed there was something more out there
That I could find if I only just knew where
Holding on to a faith that I could keep

You're all that I've wanted, you're all that I need
You're all that I hold to, you're all I believe
Track Name: Mercy Seat
Though I was unlovable
You gave me everything You have
A love that's unstoppable
Spellbound, I fell at Your feet

The joy and the tears in the rain
And the love in Your eyes
Told me everything I've ever known
Was all about to change

You picked me up
You held me close
I'd never felt like
I belonged

With mud on my hands
And a stain across my soul
You lifted up my head and
I laughed as the shame was washed away

With tears in my eyes
A song ringing in my heart
I knew that everything I've known
Was all about to change

You picked me up
You held me close
I'd never felt like
I belonged

You changed my world
So incomplete
With Your sweet love
At the mercy seat
Track Name: Untitled
I try to believe that I always try to be more than
This man that I am
But the days find me weaker and I just can't be strong
Though I'm doing all I can

Then I fall to my knees and cry

Holy Spirit make me new
All the damage that I do
While trying harder not to break
Holy Spirit make me clean
Like a rushing wind to
Bring Your joy into my life again

I try and I fail 'cause I only wanted to
Please my selfish pride
Now I'm parched and I'm bleeding and I can't find direction
No matter how hard I try
Track Name: Alive
I walk to the other side
I'm staring out the window
Into a life I used to live

Where everything seems out of place
I'm lost without Your saving grace
and the love You always give

Oh but now I'm here alive
I'm holding on to You
And You won't let me go
And I can survive
Holding on to You
Holding on to all I'll ever need

I saw my reflection
The poison deep within
Buried beneath my tears and shame

I saw my worries fading out
As You burned the shadows of my doubt
And breathed Your life in me again

All of the anger and the pain
All of the brokenness and shame
All of the hurt that would not heal
You took it away
Track Name: All of Me
I've come so far
I've seen so much
But without You it means nothing to me

I've seen the top
I've seen the in-between
And without You it means nothing to me

I hold my breath
While my heart is slowly beating in Your hands

When I feel like I could fall
I feel You hold me up
And You open up my eyes so I can see
When I feel like letting go
I feel You holding on
And I understand why I give You all of me

I've held the flame
I've touched Your heart
And without You it means nothing to me
I've seen the world
The secrets yet untold
But without You it means nothing to me
Track Name: Home to You
Well this ship's taking water and I fear I may drown
I'd give anything for my feet on dry ground
I'd curse these waters and their miles of blue
But they bring me home to You

These skies are so restless, they rumble and pour
Troubled and angry like the days gone before
But the stars bring me comfort, their light shining through
And they bring me home to You

I don't believe I've seen a day
Where I didn't fall to my knees to pray
Searching for strength to somehow make it through
And to finally find that I made it home to You

My body is tired, some days I fall down
With barely the strength to keep moving around
But this heart is still beating, it's strong and it's true
And it brings me home to You
Track Name: Burn
Holy Spirit fall on me
Make me whole again
Take away all of my shame
And wash away my sin

Help me to know all that You want
What You want me to be
Open my ears to hear Your voice
Make me learn to see

You're all that I want
You're all that I need
Holy flame burn inside of me

I will lift my voice and sing
Anthems unto my God and King
Holy flame burn inside of me

I will lift my voice in praise
Singing unto the Ancient of Days
Holy flame burn inside of me